"Integrity is the word that immediately comes to mind when discussing Mike Wachs Construction Company. Mike and Brad are both perfectionists and their homes reflect it. We were away a great deal during the construction process, yet we never had any concern, knowing that they cared about our home as much as we did. This is a quality rarely found in builders today. The entire building experience was an excellent one and we are extremely happy with our home. Wachs Construction Company deserves the highest praise."

—Polly & Carl DeFaria

"We knew thadecision to have Mike build our home was undoubtedly the right one. He was great to work with on a business as well as on a personal level. Mike made the entire experience enjoyable and exciting. His expertise and attention to detail surpassed out the r greatest expectations."

—Mary & Jack Furrier

"Mike's contract was as simple as a handshake and a warm smile. The action that followed was rock solid. The home that he built for us is uncompromising in quality, workmanship and beauty. Would we have Wachs Construction build us another home? Yes, unquestionably!"

—Diane & Andy Kish

"When we were ready to build our custom home, there was no doubt as to who we would be contracting to build it. One builder always seemed to stand out for their look of elegance and superb construction, and that was Mike Wachs Construction Company. The Wachs' went above and beyond in their determination to make sure that our project would be a memorable experience for us. Unlike many other newly constructed homes, there was never a list of problems to contend with after moving in. Due to their constant attention to detail and understanding of our needs, we now have the home we always dreamed of."

—Carol & Larry Larson

"The Wachs' have built two homes for us, 20 years apart, because they instill the confidence that everything will be first rate and that they will stand behind each home with their integrity. It has been our pleasure working with and knowing them these many years."

—Susan & Jerry Lauer

"I enjoyed every moment of the design and building of my home. There was always a feeling of cooperation and creativity working with Mike and Brad. I think that the end result reflects the spirit and good will with which it was designed and completed."

—Lura Lovell

"The construction process went very smoothly, and since we lived in Maryland at the time, it was important to have a builder that we had complete confidence in. The quality of our home exceeded our greatest expectations. The integrity, workmanship and expertise of Mike Wachs Construction Company is unmatched in Tucson."

—Judy & Jim McDivitt

"From the moment that we first stepped into the beautiful home that the Wachs' had built, we knew that it was meant for us. After searching throughout the Southwest, we had looked at many new homes, few of which could compare to ours in terms of quality of construction, layout and aesthetics. We couldn't recommend them more highly."

—Bettie & John Moser

"We have never had a better experience building or remodeling. Mike and Brad set high expectations and met them. There were never any unpleasant surprises. They deserve their reputation as one of the top quality builders in Tucson. We recommend Mike Wachs Construction Company without reservation."

—Anne Hopkins & Howard Richmond

"I never hesitate to refer any of my clients to Mike Wachs Construction Company. They have been building outstanding custom homes for over 30 years and their reputation precedes them. They always remain in touch with their clients to make sure that they are completely satisfied."

—Ron Robinette, Architect